About Betanzos HB

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European factory

Betanzos HB is a manufacturer from Galicia (Spain). We produce under the high EU standards regarding quality and legal security, which is also protected by the stability rate of exchange of the Euro.


Long history

Betanzos HB starts its production activity regarding fibreboard in May 2015 after acquiring the industrial assets property of Sonae, whose activity started in 1975.


Huge capacity

The factory of Betanzos HB has 245.000 m2. It has an annual production capacity of 75.000 m3 hardboard and 35.000.000 m2/year in the paint line.


Quality engagement

Betanzos HB focus on client service and satisfaction, as proven by a quality management system certified by the Standard ISO 9001.


Exporting company

Tablex is a valuable and recognised product all over the world, and it represents 80% sales of Betanzos HB in markets of the European Union, Centre and South America, U.S.A., Eastern Africa and Middle East.

Furthermore information at www.betanzoshb.es