Its versatility, physical and mechanical resistance and its good response to humidity is as useful naturally as covered with paint or any other topcoats to extruded furniture, furniture backs, drawer bottoms, sofa interiors, bed base structures, etc.



Painted Tablex (also known as Mobelpan) has a great imprint quality and a wide variety of colours and possibilities that allows us to personalize it following the specific needs of our clients. Mobelpan can be used in panels, walls and ceilings.



The specific mechanical and density characteristics of Tablex, as its excellent response to humidity, make it an ideal material as support to decorative floors, floating wood flooring bases, inside wood deckings or as a floor-leveling base.



Tablex is an excellent element for the composition of ceilings and dropped ceilings, and for roofs (below covers). It is used to protect surfaces in building construction sites and in framework components. High performance structural hardboard available like the one used in I-beams. Technical characteristics


Technical or suspended ceilings

For its strength and versatility, Tablex is used in suspended ceilings. The board cut into plates is easy to handle (assemble & disassemble) and could be combined (painted and pegboard). It contributes to acoustic comfort and adds classic warmth thanks to its multiple finishes. Technical characteristics



Perforated Tablex (pegboard) is used for indoor sound-proofing since it helps to spread sound waves and to reduce noise levels. It is used as a topcoat to absorbent materials and it is applied directly over the beams. A simple but effective solution to improve the acoustics in any establishment or installation.



Tablex hardboard wooden boards are perfect to the manufacture of interior paneled and exterior metal plated doors. The resistance and density give a structural component while the lacquering, varnishing and covering possibilities allow the creation of an infinity of products.



Tablex is a free formaldehyde product, except for the amount coming from natural wood. The possibilities of manipulating curved Tablex without losing its properties of resistance and durability, ratifies its use in indoor vehicle elements: doors, ceiling, floors and boot bottoms.



The high density of Tablex allows to withstand substantial weight loads. Its rough side prevents cargo slipping and hich allows stacking greater heights in safe conditions. Tablex is flexible, perfect for cylindrical packages. It is used as moisture protection in pallets and industrial packs, like bottle separators.



The lack of resins and synthetic glues as its good response towards humidity and its resistance to fungus, make Tablex a perfect material for the manufacturing of containers to transport food, like fruits, vegetables, fish or drinks, and also pharmaceutical products.


Shoe heels

The high density of Tablex and its excellent response towards humidity make it a great product for the manufacturing of high heels suitable for the highest demanding footwear industry. The variety of thickness available makes easier the combination of pieces for its afterwards manipulation.


POS displays

Tablex is an alternative for ecological point of sale displays (POS displays), temporary constructions and also displays made of polypropylene, polyester or PVC. Its high density, resistance to humidity and flexibility improves performance of cardboards.



The Tablex is an excellent material for multiple applications thanks to its resistance and natural features.

Tablex. Commodities


Its versatility allows to benefit from a wide variety of applications, like, for example, the back of paintings, blackboards, the construction of stands and corners, office supplies, puzzles, toys, coasters, trays, inside of caravans and bungalows, decorations, books, etc.


For further technical information or added specific applications, please, contact our team.