Natural composition


Sustainable raw materials

Betanzos HB produces Tablex (high density fibreboard) from eucalyptus wood coming from nearby forests treated in a sustainable way, as proven by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification certificates (PEFC).

eucalyptus woods textures and backgrounds

A fine product

Tablex is ‘pure wood' made up from wood, using the thermoplastic properties of the lignin as a natural glue instead of artificial adhesives. Tablex is NFB (Natural Fiber Board), a registered trademark for fibreboards without any kind of artificial joining agents.


No formaldehyde added

Unlike other boards (plywood, triplay, hardboard, mid-density, MDF or DM, OSB…), our products do not emit formaldehyde except the one coming from natural wood. Therefore they are exempted from the application of the CARB2 standard. Under TSCA Title VI, our hardboard is exempted from the formaldehyde emission standards, so it is not necessary to certify.


Global warming prevention

Tablex is a biomaterial working as a CO2  capture storage from the previous stage as a tree since the end of its life. The CO2 stuck during the tree growth phase is still trapped during the using phase of the product.


Recyclable and biodegradable

Tablex wood based composition makes it a biodegradable material, allowing its re-exploitation in other products and as a natural heat source as a renewable fuel to produce energy at the end of its life.


Long lasting product

The durability of the product, due to its high density, make it a resistant, trustable and ecological material, enabling lower energy consumption and less CO2 emissions also during the fabrication process.