Topcoat Mobelpan

Our Tablex can be supplied naturally (one smooth side and one rough side) or with any of the different topcoats (Mobelpan is the trade mark for Tablex painted) depending on the needs of each client and their applications.

  • Painted. Painted Tablex is marketed under the trademark Mobelpan and allows an infinity of colours completely personalized with plain colours, textiles and woods, with bright, matte or super matte topcoats.
  • Writting boards. Finished as chalkboard, to write with chalk, and whiteboard for dry-erase felt-tp pen.
  • Varnish-friendly. Specific to applications where Tablex is going to be varnished once used, as a high bright topcoat, with a robot. Available with topcoats suitable for any kind of varnish, including water based ones.
  • Pre-painted. Specific to applicant where Tablex is going to be painted once used, like cupboard doors, partition walls or fruit boxes.
  • Perforated. Different patterns of perforated Tablex are available with 5 or 7 mm holes and 25,4 mm pitch, or others on request.
  • Sanded. Tablex can be acquired sanded and painted on one or both sides.
  • Combinations. Ask our team about your specific needs and the different personalized topcoats and combinations that Betanzos HB can offer.